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Japan Healthcare Info. (JHI) is a social entrepreneur organization founded in 2010. Our healthcare professional staff are dedicated to providing service in order to enhance well-being of international community in Japan.

JHI is a selected member of the most renowned non-profit Japanese social entrepreneur training organization and awarded Japanese government grant in 2010.

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Inquiries sent after 17:00 or on holidays/weekends will be followed up on the next business day. Please check your Spam/Draft Folder if you do not receive a response for longer than 24 hours

Cases & Testimonials

Case 1

I felt sick so I went to a big hospital near my house, but they rejected me


Japanese medical services aren’t available 24h/365 days a year. The opening hours vary.

There is no GP system in Japan so a specialist for your condition is necessary.

If you go to  a major hospital without referral there is a chance you can be turned away from the hospital and will need to seek treatment somewhere else.

Contact us before you make your visit. We will find an appropriate service and make the necessary arrangements for you.


Case 2

I am going to give birth in Japan, so I am looking for a maternity hospital or a birth center. I am also concerned that the cost of giving birth in Japan may be quite expensive.


We have a list of English-speaking maternity hospitals and birth centers and can help to make delivery arrangements.

If you are covered under Japanese health insurance, you can receive benefits that cover most of the costs.

It is also possible to pay the benefits directly to the maternity hospitals/birth centers.

We can help you make the application for the benefits.


Case 3

When my child is sick, where should I go? Also I need information about baby check-ups and vaccinations.


We will find an English-speaking pediatrician in your neighborhood.

With a Child Medical Care Certificate, your child’s medical expenses are free.

Infant check-ups and vaccination information come from your local municipal office and most services are free.

We can help you obtain the certificate, necessary information and make arrangements for you.



more testimonials to be updated!

Because personal health information is included in testimonials, information that may identify the person who provided testimonials (e.g. name) is omitted from testimonials unless the author gave us permission to publish real names.

Testimonial #1

I would firstly like to thank Japan for making such a service available to foreigners needing medical treatment. Trying to search up doctors/hospitals and book appointments would be near impossible without this service, especially given the language barrier on websites and in medical facilities. This service being available is reflective of the organisation, efficiency and friendliness of your nation and its people.

Next, I would like to pass on me and my partners gratitude and appreciation for Sara (medical social worker). She gave us direct assistance at no cost via email, talking us through the options of hospitals and different doctors, and giving us useful advice about different costs we could could expect when getting treatment. She booked us in at an affordable hospital, which had an English speaking doctor and also was only a 20 minute walk from our accomodation.

We took up the offer of paying a small fee ($80 aud) to have her accompany us to the hospital so that we could navigate the hospital with ease, and so that she could give assistance to the doctor in any translation requirements. This process went so smoothly, we entered the hospital early at 8.10am, and we were fully examined and finished 2 hours later. This could have been a whole day expedition if we had not had Sara’s advice on arriving early to avoid the busy times at the hospital. Our hospital fees only were about $250 AUD – much less than we expected (and all recoverable via travel insurance).

Our travel insurance required a medical report – something the hospital was not used to having to write up. This was no issue for us to obtain, as Sara could speak to the staff and doctor and communicate the requirements of the report. If we did not have her, this communication would have been frustrating and hard to do via Google translation. She helped us pay for this report in a lump sum with our other expenses, so we could easily go and pick the report up a few days after with no hassle or extra payment.

Not only did she assist us with all of us, she did it with a smile. When she came with us to the hospital we chatted about many things including our travels so far, Australia, and we asked her many questions about Tokyo and things to do (she gave us some great suggestions). She is personable and easy to get along with – an added bonus to an efficient employee.

Thanks again so much for all your help. We will recommend your service to all those we know who visit this beautiful nation.

-Jess and Haji from Australia


I wanted to see a female, English-speaking doctor about a sensitive problem. Sadly, I don’t speak Japanese well enough to communicate with clinic reception staff! I emailed JHI and they made enquiries on my behalf and translated detailed patient registration forms. I was very impressed with the coordinator’s professionalism and quick responses. I am so grateful for this volunteer service and I would recommend it to anyone who needs assistance arranging medical appointments while in Japan. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it!

-Australian client living in Kyoto


I am Steffen from Germany and work as a Marketing Director in a company in Tokyo. My wife is from Hong Kong and we both can only speak, read and understand very little Japanese.

We are living in Japan for 3 years. I have been extremely busy at work ever since and at the same time we also got married in Japan and had to organize celebrations in Germany and Hong Kong. A few months afterwards my wife became pregnant.

Hence the priority to continue to learn Japanese naturally became lower. Unfortunately the support of my company has been very limited. Whenever I asked for support to check, translate or provide information about medical procedures in particular, they would just give me a link or a telephone number and ask me to settle it myself; however that all these links and numbers are only in Japanese. They would not even let me contact my health insurance directly or through a 3rd party to clarify my questions directly.

After spending many nights researching the web to find out everything myself, I came across JHI website and I got in touch through the provided email address. From then a lot changed, as I finally found somebody who is fluent in English and very competent in all those local medical and governmental procedures. During my research I found a lot of important information myself online, however it is often not complete and very difficult to judge, how this information affects you in reality.

And this is only one example where JHI did really an excellent job, as they always replied within 24 hours and could explain things to me in a detailed and much more pragmatic and individualized way.

On top of that  JHI helped me significantly by arranging a translator to attend hospital and community parent classes and also for the midwife visit at our home after birth.

Moreover JHI supported me after the birth of my daughter to go to Ward office to do all the necessary paperwork and registrations in order to obtain e.g. health insurance, visa, passport, child allowance.

I deeply appreciate the professional and passionate support from the JHI staff. Without them, our experience of having a baby in Japan would have been even much much harder.

Without any hesitation I recommend JHI to every foreigner who is struggling with Japanese language.

I wish, there would be much more organization like JHI for foreigners in Japan. Thank you very much JHI and I wish you personally and professionally only the very best.



When I was travelling in Japan I became ill with bronchitis, JHI were very helpful in arranging for me to visit a doctor in Aizu Wakamatsu and for an interpreter to assist. On my return to Tokyo I requested further treatment. Again JHI arranged for me to visit an English speaking doctor in Shibuya who provided me with antibiotics which cleared my condition. With the advice of JHI, the full costs were reimbursed by travel insurer. 

-Tourist from Australia



I wanted to see an English-speaking medical specialist but didn’t trust the information that I was able to find online on my own.  JHI provided multiple options close to home within a few hours.  I was impressed with the level of detail provided, including hours, service details, pricing and access information. This saved me a great deal of time and effort.

-Expat from the US



Just call me John. I have been here in Japan for over two years and I am from an Asian neighboring country. Despite being here for over two years, my Japanese still is pretty poor. Lately, I’ve had concerns regarding a serious and a quite confidential medical matter, STD. I have been worried about the possibility of me acquiring this disease. With my poor Japanese skills, I tried to search for sites in the internet which can provide me with English medical assistance until I found out about JHI (Japan Healthcare Info). I emailed them right away about my situation and even if it was a weekend, I instantly got a reply.

I asked them to help me seek for health centers which provide free STD check-up near my place. Also, in case free medical check-ups won’t be available in my place, I asked them to provide me with a list of hospitals close to my area which render English services. And so, on the first working day after I sent them an email, they replied to me with a list of options I can take ranging from free health centers to hospitals with English speaking staffs. This was accompanied with detailed information on the location of the health centers, the process I need to go through to have the check-up, and the things I needed to prepare including the amount for those which don’t offer free services.

With these options, they asked me which one I would consider to have my check-up. However, because of certain matters like financial problems, and my unavailability on those dates where the medical services are available, I had a hard time deciding. So they sent me other options giving consideration on my concerns such as financial matters as well as the dates when I can be available for the check-up. Finally, I was able to make my choice.

After deciding on which health center to go, they called the center right away to set an appointment for me. And so, they got me my schedule with the complete details regarding the check-up. Considering that I wasn’t familiar with the place, they gave me a detailed description of how to get to the place with maps and pictures of the place. It was amazing how everything was really in details which made it easier for me to find the place. So finally, I was able to have my check-up. They had an English speaking staff at the center so I had no problems at all. Everything went smoothly, thanks to all the necessary information I got from JHI.

Lastly, I would like to give credit to the staff in charge of my case. She was totally nice making sure I get all the information I needed. Also, considering the fact that my case was quite a serious and confidential matter, she made sure that everything was kept private. Now, I’m glad to know that for foreigners like me who need medical support here in Japan, there is this organization which can really provide us with complete help and assistance we need. 



Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.  I really appreciate your help. You offer a very useful service that helps out the foreign community of Japan.

-Our client from UK



(JHI service) was helpful because it was very quick to respond to my requests in a professional manner and let me felt at ease that they were going to be able to help me with whatever problems I had.

-Our client from the US



The staff helped locate English-speaking clinics/hospitals near me with directions to the locations. Also provided me with information about the doctor who speaks English and when the best time to go would be.

-Our foreign client from the Tokai area, Japan



Very quick response time, and even though I feel like my questions are a bit silly, or I feel silly asking, they are always treated respectfully and answered fully. 

-Our client from the US



JHI service was absolutely helpful. You did far more than I expected. You narrowed the list down to two hospitals in my own ward, provided full information on them, checked appointment availability, and even offered to make an appointment on my behalf.
In addition, you informed me of a treatment fee support program of my disease in my ward and offered me help with filling in the forms.

-Our client from the UK



I am going to Japan in the beginning of my pregnancy and I was worried about the trip and what to do if I did not feel well. JHI has helped me have a safer trip indicating a couple of clinics near my hotel where the doctors speak English and I could get specialized assistance. Now I feel I can enjoy better my days in Japan!

-Our client from overseas



The service was very fast and friendly. I called the number and within 20 min they sent me all the info I needed to my email.  Even more helpful since my Japanese is not so good but they were very good in English.  Thank you.

-Our client from the US



When I fractured my ankle playing basketball Japan Health Info found me an English speaking Physiotherapist for my rehabilitation. Within 24hrs of contacting them i was provided with the contact details for a physio near where I live and covered by national health insurance. They also provided me with information on costs and how to make the transition to a new consultant.

-Our UK client



Thank you for all of your wonderful assistance. Your service removed the additional stress of being unwell in Japan, and made my life so much better.
-Our Australian client



My young, female friend was sexually assaulted while traveling in Japan. She was confused and scared about how to handle it. From the United States I was able to work with JHI to coordinate appropriate medical care. They took the time and made the effort to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. I can’t imagine what we would have done without JHI.


-A Very Grateful US Friend