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Japan Healthcare Info. (JHI) is a social entrepreneur organization founded in 2010. Our healthcare professional staff are dedicated to providing service in order to enhance well-being of international community in Japan.

JHI is a selected member of the most renowned non-profit Japanese social entrepreneur training organization and awarded Japanese government grant in 2010.

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Childbirth Delivery

Delivery can be arranged with the following providers:


OBGYN department of General Hospital


Some large hospitals have and OBGYN department with birthing facilities and some of these have special birth programs, such as water birth.

Due to the limited number of these large hospitals, pregnant women are required to make an appointment for delivery soon after pregnancy is confirmed.

Maternity Hospital

These are hospitals focusing on care during pre- and post-pregnancy. Some maternity hospitals have additional departments, such as Pediatrics. Maternity hospitals are also limited in number.

They often provide services such as water birth or epidurals, and some have full European-style course meals and treat mothers like resort hotel guests!

Pregnant women are usually required to make an appointment for delivery soon after pregnancy is confirmed.


Birth Center


Midwives manage pre- and post-natal checkups, labor and delivery. Birth centers accept a small number of pregnant women and have a family-oriented atmosphere and environment.
They are contracted with OBGYN doctors and hospitals for medical emergencies.

Labor and delivery using epidurals is uncommon and not many hospitals can provide that service in Japan.
JHI can help you find one in your area.

As the number of obstetricians, staff and facilities are rapidly declining in Japan, it is strongly recommended to choose and make a reservation with a birth facility soon after pregnancy is confirmed.

If you are currently living overseas and planning to come and give birth in Japan, it is highly advised to make these preparations before the move.

JHI can assist you in finding birthing facilities and give information to help you choose one.

We can make an appointment for delivery and make other arrangements as well. Contact us.

—Feedback from our client——

Sara from JHI quickly responded to my emails and provided me with the names and information for doctors meeting my needs the very next day. She was very helpful and kind. She has been a life-saver in the initial steps of my pregnancy and relieved a lot of my stress. I definitely recommend JHI’s services and plan to use them again throughout my pregnancy.

Our client from the US

<<This is an example of a case we handled>>

  1. Ms. A was 25 weeks pregnant. She lived in the US and was moving to Japan to live with her expat husband.

  2. Ms. A contacted JHI and asked us to provide a list of local birth centers and hospitals while she was in the US.

  3. JHI sent the list of providers containing detailed information, costs and things to do.

  4. Ms. A told JHI which providers she was interested in visiting. JHI then arranged appointments.

  5. Ms. A arrived in Japan. JHI met with her and talked with her about pregnancy in Japan and gave her a to-do list. The list includes information like how to get a Mother and Child Health Handbook and how to apply for a birth allowance from one’s insurer.

  6.  Ms. A visited some providers and chose a hospital.

  7. JHI assisted her on her first obstetrician visit, providing language assistance with information from the hospital, registration and then gave her instructions regarding future visits. Ms. A had no problem handling the second visit on her own.

  8. Ms. A gave birth to her healthy child.

  9. However, she later experienced some complications. JHI helped her submit a high-cost medical expense reimbursement application to her insurer.