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Japan Healthcare Info. (JHI) is a social entrepreneur organization founded in 2010. Our healthcare professional staff are dedicated to providing service in order to enhance well-being of international community in Japan.

JHI is a selected member of the most renowned non-profit Japanese social entrepreneur training organization and awarded Japanese government grant in 2010.

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Where can I get a health checkup?

Regular Health Checkup


Japanese Health Insurance does not cover the cost of general health checkups.

Checkup clinics/hospitals are aimed at healthy patients who have no current problems or symptoms. If you have suspicious symptoms or any particular concerns, you should not visit a checkup clinic/hospital. In this case, you should see a specialist in the field of medicine that deals with those symptoms. Otherwise the costs to you will be very high.
This is particularly true of cancer screenings. If you have any signs of cancer, you should visit a cancer doctor, not a screening clinic/hospital.

Students may be eligible for free general checkups at their school. If you work for a company, your company should cover the costs for a regular checkup. If you are self-employed or are a freelance worker, you will need to pay the full amount for the checkup.

Contact us and we can help you find a clinic/hospital for a chackup


Complete Medical Checkups


Many specialized hospitals and clinics provide complete checkup services. These are called Ningen Dock in Japanese.

A Ningen Dock takes anywhere from half a day to full day or night’s stay. Prices vary, but start from around 40,000 yen.

At the end of the tests, a doctor will explain the results. We can find a provider with English-speaking doctors, but in general most testing staff do not speak English.

Appointments are required for checkups.


Gynecological Exams (Pap Smear Tests and Breast Exams)


Pap smear tests: Pap smears are available at most OBGYN clinics. Total costs are around 5,000 yen or more.

Many cities offer free pap smear coupons to women enrolled in Japanese Health Insurance who fall into a specified age group. If you are eligible for these coupons, they will be sent to your home along with a list of local clinics. You can make an appointment and visit one of the clinics on the list.

Breast examinations : Breast exams are available at specialized hospitals and clinics. Most cities issue breast exam coupons, and they are mailed out and can be used similarly to the pap smear coupons.


JHI can find out if you are entitled to these coupons and make arrange appointments at the designated clinics. Feel free to contact for assistance.

*Please note, some cities do not provide gynecological examination coupons.