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Japan Healthcare Info. (JHI) is a social entrepreneur organization founded in 2010. Our healthcare professional staff are dedicated to providing service in order to enhance well-being of international community in Japan.

JHI is a selected member of the most renowned non-profit Japanese social entrepreneur training organization and awarded Japanese government grant in 2010.

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STD test

STD tests are widely available through urologists (for men), OB/GYNs (for women), and through public health centers. Common STD tests are Chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV.



STD Testing Kit is available now (with full English instruction)


JHI can arrange a home testing kit to be sent to you. You can take samples at home then send back to our contracted lab, receive result one week later via email. The kit can be sent anywhere in Japan but not overseas. Home testing is recommended to those who are not showing symptoms of STDs. If you have possible symptoms please seek help from a doctor (further information about this is provided below).

Available Tests (Throat test is also available)

  • HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C (Blood Test)
  • Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Gonorrhea (Urine or smear test)
  • Candida (Skin Scrape or smear test)

Please see further detail from Home Test Order page.



STD Tests at Urological and OB/GYN Clinics


Most urological and OB/GYN clinics can perform STD tests.

If you have STD symptoms, the tests will be covered by Japanese Health Insurance. If not, you will likely to pay for the full cost of each test.
Costs are around a few thousand yen per test item, plus a consultation fee of about 3,000 yen.
Results take about one week, and you will need to visit the clinic to get the results from the doctor. Rapid, same-day HIV tests are available at some clinics.

If you are unsure as to which disease to have tested, consult with your doctor.

JHI can help you find a clinic/hospital in your area.

We respect your privacy and your contact with JHI will be kept strictly confidential.
Feel free to contact us through our e-mail.


STD Tests through Public Health Centers


Public health centers and departments provide free STD testing. The items they test for are HIV and syphilis only.

The tests are only available on designated days of the month. Some public health centers are conveniently located near major stations, and English service is sometimes available. You can visit any public health center, it does not need to be the one the town where you reside.



*The following is a testimonial we received regarding our assistance*

Case 1

Just call me John. I have been here in Japan for over two years and I am from an Asian neighboring country. Despite being here for over two years, my Japanese still is pretty poor. Lately, I’ve had concerns regarding a serious and a quite confidential medical matter, STD. I have been worried about the possibility of me acquiring this disease. With my poor Japanese skills, I tried to search for sites in the internet which can provide me with English medical assistance until I found out about JHI (Japan Healthcare Info). 

I asked them to help me seek for health centers which provide free STD check-up near my place. Also, in case free medical check-ups won’t be available in my place, I asked them to provide me with a list of hospitals close to my area which render English services. And so, on the first working day after I sent them an email, they replied to me with a list of options I can take ranging from free health centers to hospitals with English speaking staffs. This was accompanied with detailed information on the location of the health centers, the process I need to go through to have the check-up, and the things I needed to prepare including the amount for those which don’t offer free services. 

With these options, they asked me which one I would consider to have my check-up. However, because of certain matters like financial problems, and my unavailability on those dates where the medical services are available, I had a hard time deciding. So they sent me other options giving consideration on my concerns such as financial matters as well as the dates when I can be available for the check-up. Finally, I was able to make my choice.

After deciding on which health center to go, they called the center right away to set an appointment for me. And so, they got me my schedule with the complete details regarding the check-up. Considering that I wasn’t familiar with the place, they gave me a detailed description of how to get to the place with maps and pictures of the place. It was amazing how everything was really in details which made it easier for me to find the place. So finally, I was able to have my check-up. They had an English speaking staff at the center so I had no problems at all. Everything went smoothly, thanks to all the necessary information I got from JHI.

Lastly, I would like to give credit to the staff in charge of my case. She was totally nice making sure I get all the information I needed. Also, considering the fact that my case was quite a serious and confidential matter, she made sure that everything was kept private. Now, I’m glad to know that for foreigners like me who need medical support here in Japan, there is this organization which can really provide us with complete help and assistance we need. 

Case 2

Lately, I have a discharge from my urethra and also experiencing a severe burning sensation while urinating. I searched the internet about the symptoms I have and tried to know what are the possible disease that I may have caught and the results that I got are possibly, urithritis or STD, mainly gonorrhea or chlamydia. Since I am not a doctor, I am aware that it is best to consult it to a doctor and get diagnosed.

I have studied the Japanese language for 1 and a half year. Even so, when it comes to medical matters, it is quite hard for me to understand. So I decided to seek out help from Japanhealthinfo.com and hoped they could help me and suggest me a clinic or a hospital who have doctors who can speak English so I could better understand what the disease really is, its cause and its proper treatment. The organization was very kind and accommodating, they immediately replied to my email and answered all my questions and worries and they suggested me the clinic near my area that have doctors who can speak English the day after I sent them an email. They even gave me the detailed pieces of information about the clinic, where it is located, the background of the doctors of the clinic, its website and the clinic’s number. I felt very lucky and very thankful that they helped me with my problem.

I decided to go to the clinic that they have suggested me. It is a small clinic but the staff were very nice and very accommodating to me. They have assisted me with everything. I also asked them if there are doctors who can speak English available for that day, and luckily the doctor is available. They asked me about what I want to consult to the doctor and they were very nice about it even though the symptoms I have was embarrassing, they were very professional about it they kept it confidential. they also even suggested me a hospital where I could test for free if I may have caught HIV if i feel anxious about it. I felt very comfortable and safe. After the consultation, they gave me the medicines I need for the treatment. the doctor explained everything to me in English to assure i will have the proper medication, Now I am recovering. Thanks to the help of Japanhealthinfo.com, this organization is very helpful for us foreigners, we can now go to hospitals without worrying about the Japanese language and how to understand the treatment. Because of this our life is much easier and worry free with the help you are giving us. 

Thank you and more power to this organization!